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Fransiskus X.D. Passar, S.H.

Started his career as a lawyer in 1998 and established Fransiskus D. Passar S.H. and Partners Law Office. With more than 20 years of experience, Fransiskus D. Passar S.H. and Partners Law Office has handled various legal cases. The handled clients are not only Indonesians but also companies and foreigners.

Our Practice

Criminal Law

We help to handle criminal cases such as reporting to the police, assistance during the police process to defending in court, and so on.


Civil Law

We help to handle civil cases such as filing applications, lawsuits, defending in court, and so on.


Contract and Legal Drafting

 We help to handle cases or make contracts/agreements, legal drafting and so on.

Land and Property Law

We help to handle land and property cases such as buying and selling, leasing, and so on.


Consultation and Legal Opinion

We can assist in the form of consultations and providing legal opinions on your problems.



We also help in handling other cases such as administration and constitutional law, employment law, corporation law, and so on.

Why Choose Us?

Professional and Honest

We always work professionally and openly with each of our clients so that clients understand their position before the law.

Experienced and Expert

We already experienced handling many legal cases, so that our team is experts not only in theory but also in practice.


We have been trusted by institutions, companies, and foreign embassies in Indonesia as recommended lawyers.

Let’s Work Together